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NBA Conference Finals 2023, Game 3 on Monday, 05/22/2023

For me, it’s already the biggest playoff sensation in the NBA since the Seattle Supersonics led by Tom Chambers, Dale Ellis and Xavier McDaniels reached the Conference Finals in 1987.

My prediction, however, goes a step further! Because in my Heat Celtics betting tip for Game 3, I’m using a free bet to speculate that this postseason’s surprise team will now go up even 3-0 after games.

It’s sheer madness what the Heatles are putting together in these 2023 NBA Playoffs. No one would have expected such a deep run, which is far from over – quite the opposite.

After the opening game, the Floridians even secured Game 2 of these Conference Finals at the TD Garden. Even if one has to add that the Celtics were much closer to victory the day before yesterday and only gave the game away in the final period.

However, Miami is capable of a significant performance improvement in this section, which is by no means only based on an outstanding one-man-show by Jimmy Butler.

A few words about the final period: It is no coincidence that Jimmy Butler did not score in the last 2:33 minutes of the game and even missed three throws, but Miami still managed to save the victory over the finish line.

For already 3 times in the current postseason, the Heat have turned around a 10-point deficit in the final quarter through a comprehensive team performance. The record of all other teams in this respect: 1-53.

Thus, the Heatles are simply an all-around capable squad that not only puts on one Jimmy Butler show after another, but surprisingly can hold a candle to the Celtics in many other aspects of the game as well.

If you look at the contribution from the bench in Game 2, a picture emerges here that confirms my thesis.

For the so-called role players Williams, Brogdon and White finished with 33 points for the Celtics, but the Heat’s substitutes even went one better with 42 points.

By the way, the Heat also won the rebound duel 45 to 35, even in the turnovers they were clearly better (10:15).

In short: These Heatles are far better than the sports betting companies and NBA experts on the other side of the pond generally assume!

To beat this Heat, you need a team that doesn’t allow itself any weaknesses. But the Celtics just seem to lack a good performance in the final period, in which Jayson Tatum goes down more and more often.

Unfortunately, the bookmakers are no longer as generous as they were in Game 2, when they were able to offer MIA odds of 4.50 with the Bwin app.

This time, the odds on another Floridian win are “only” 2.26, but still high enough to be considered if the C’s have another slump.

Far from it, Miami benefits from the all-important home field advantage for the first time in this Series tonight.

The Kaseya Center is where the stage was finally set for Floridians’ insane run in these playoffs!

Basketball fans should take notice at this point! Because every play-off home game against the Bucks (2) as well as the Knicks in round two (3) was won by at least a four-point difference.

Bottom line, Miami has now won each of its last four NBA games against the Celtics, including the regular season.

This underlines that the Heat can not only stand up to their upcoming opponents due to a current form high, but have also been a match for them for quite some time now.

Conclusion: The Heat can seemingly do it all! They can get on the board, they can add from the bench and they can also hit from beyond the arc.

Anyone who underestimates the Flordians now has only themselves to blame. Especially since travelling to Miami with a 0:2 deficit is as good as hopeless for me already.

The underdogs have won all their play-off games at the Kaseya Center so far and will now also play the C’s against the wall, unless they improve massively – especially in the final period!

My Heat Celtics tip: MIA wins.

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