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Basketball Tip & Prediction for Los Angeles Lakers vs Charlotte Hornets

In the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Charlotte Hornets, we will take a closer look at the injury plight of the Californians and why it could easily lead to their third defeat in a row!

The visitors, on the other hand, have had great difficulty in getting through games against Los Angeles. But with James and Davis out at the same time, the Hornets could find themselves on top for the first time on Tuesday!

It’s amazing that bookmakers like Bet365 are trading the Lakers as the top favourites to win the NBA title after the Nets, with odds of around 3.60. Personally, I don’t see either of them in pole position – especially not the Californians.

After all, Los Angeles lost Dennis Schröder to the Celtics at the beginning of the season after he made a big gamble in the contract poker game. But the fans are also becoming increasingly concerned about the age of the driving force and NBA legend LeBron James – and rightly so!

The performance of the 36-year-old, who is now injured again, is crucial to the success of the purple team – as the last few games and the past season have already impressively demonstrated. With his absence on Tuesday, the chances of a Hornets victory have increased considerably!

If we take statistics from the 2020/21 season into account, the picture is very clear. In games with LeBron James on the floor, the Lakers’ record was still (30-15), but without their dominant guard under the basket, it was only (12-15) in a total of 27 games!

And it was his absence that marked the beginning of a new downward spiral after the already extremely narrow 119-117 victory over the Rockets last Wednesday – when “The Kings”, by the way, was decisive for the success with over 30 points.

After that, the leaderless Californians lost against the extremely weak starting five of the Orlando Magic (104-107) as well as against the Portland Trail Blazers (90-105). Los Angeles took the cake, especially against the latter team.

None of the Lakers’ starting five even came close to the 10-point mark! Superstar Anthony Davis even limited his contribution to a single two-pointer! The Lilagelben have rarely performed so desolately before.

And since the stabiliser in the game of the Californians, LeBron James, will be out for at least another week, the Hornets could benefit from this – even if they have lost three games in a row themselves recently!

Charlotte, for its part, is an average NBA team with a (5-5) record that will likely end up narrowly missing the playoffs once again, but could well be spurred on by Los Angeles’ woes at the moment.

Normally I wouldn’t put any money on the Hornets, who by the way have lost each of their last five duels against Los Angeles, but the circumstances are very special this time!

Because in addition to James, his strong teammate Anthony Davis will now also be out on Tuesday due to injury! This means that the Lakers will be without the two players who scored the most points last season.

The Hornets’ weakness, by the way, is to hold their own on the board against physically stronger players! However, with James and Davis of all people out for the Californians, the Hornets’ game will benefit significantly!

The bookmakers have adjusted their odds several times in the last few days due to the bad news from the Californians’ hospital – after all, Los Angeles will only be playing with a skeleton team!

Currently, the betting markets are offering odds of around 1.74 on a win for the shorthanded Lilagelben, whereas a triumph for the Hornets would result in a little more than double the bet!

Conclusion: The Lakers are a completely different team without LeBron James, which is proven by the statistics from the past season as well as the disastrous slump of the last two games, which does not seem to be over yet.

To make matters worse, his teammate Anthony Davis has also been injured – which means that not only are the Lakers’ two best players out, but also the ones who scored the most points last year.

The Hornets, for their part, are a franchise mired in NBA mediocrity, having recently lost three games in a row. But given the significant personnel problems on the part of the Californians, a win for the underdog seems the most likely!

Accordingly, it’s little surprise that my Lakers Hornets tip envisions a painful “sting” from the Hornets!

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