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NBA 2021/22 on Wednesday, 22.12.2021

The New York Knicks absolutely have to bounce back with a win in the game against the Detroit Pistons. Otherwise, the Knickerbockers’ current negative streak would reach a whole new dimension.

However, I assume that they will be spared the ignominy of a defeat against the Bad Boys. Because the Pistons have to do without their best man and have been a disappointment of late, especially in outings.

You could well get the impression that the Knicks are among the losers of these winter months – in fact, the New Yorkers lost in eight of their last ten games. But it gets even worse.

The Knickerbockers are now in the basement of the Eastern Conference. Although there is no threat of a relegation battle here, the current standings in no way reflect the quite presentable abilities of last year’s fourth-placed team in the EC!

Although the performances of the last few weeks have been disappointing, another defeat against the Pistons is out of the question. The difference in quality between the two franchises should simply be too great for that.

And the Pistons are far behind the main field again this year, finishing at the bottom of the league. The Bad Boys have won only 17.2% of their games so far this season. But things look even bleaker on the road.

Detroit has lost seven NBA away games in a row, and betting on another defeat on a visit to the West Coast would be well-founded. Especially since each of the last three guest games at the Knicks has already been lost.

What’s more, the Knickerbockers’ performances over the past few weeks are actually not that bad once we take a closer look. For the opposition was not without its problems!

The Knicks’ last three losses all came against perfectly capable teams like the Bucks, Warriors and Celtics. In between, they managed to sneak in a commanding 116-103 win over the Rockets.

All this confirms the overall impression of the last few weeks, which can be summarised as follows: New York, battered by injuries, had to pay tribute to a tough game schedule, but against significantly weaker teams, the second suit was usually enough.

In fact, the statistics seem to confirm that the Knickerbockers have to be counted among the better teams in the NBA in all important categories. So the output is right.

For the categories “number of converted threes”, “three-point success rate”, “points from the main court” as well as “offensive rebounds” the Knicks belong to the top seven of the NBA despite the negative series.

The picture is completely different for the Detroit Lions, who have hardly any comparable failures to complain about, but still bring up the rear in the league in almost all of the categories mentioned. But on Wednesday it gets even worse!

Jerami Grant is by far the Bad Boys’ most productive scorer, averaging 20.1 points per game. But he will now have to rest for six weeks due to a thumb injury!

The New York Knicks have broken their fans’ hearts a time or two in recent weeks, but on Wednesday even the bookies seem to want to encourage them.

Because a success of the Knickerbockers is traded at much lower odds than a surprise coup of the Pistons. The Pistons hardly radiate confidence due to their weakness away from home, which is why the Bad Boys’ current odds of around 4.30 should not come as a surprise.

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Conclusion: At first glance, both franchises are in a desolate condition. But a closer look reveals that New York’s slump should probably only be temporary.

After all, the Knicks’ game schedule has been extremely demanding lately. Nevertheless, the New Yorkers are among the top seven in the NBA in the important categories. The Pistons, on the other hand, present a completely different picture.

They lost each of their last seven away games and now have to fly to the West Coast without their best man. Key player Jerami Grant has been out of action for six weeks!

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