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NBA Conference Finals 2023, Game 4 on Wednesday, 24.05.2023

The child has now finally fallen into the well with the 0:3 from Boston’s point of view. And this well is so deep that a “successful salvage” in this hopeless situation would represent an absolute novelty in basketball.

In my Heat Celtics tip for Game 4 of the current Conference Finals of the 2023 NBA Play-offs, the preliminary decision that all MIA fans had hoped for already fell in Monday’s game. Boston is absolutely beside themselves right now!

Just for fun, I recently looked at a report on the 10 biggest surprises of the NBA playoffs, just to get a sense of the magnitude of the sensation that is currently in its final throes.

For the eighth-seeded Heat, against the Celtics, who were heavily favoured at the start, have now built a remarkable 3-0 lead, which – as everyone knows – has never been overturned in the history of the NBA.

In fact, a C’s comeback at this point would be even crazier than the run of madness by the Floridians that I didn’t think was possible beforehand, on whom I plan to place an additional free bet tonight, by the way.

Yesterday’s Heat Celtics tip hit the bull’s eye and gave me odds of 2.35, which I immediately used to successfully convert the Bet365 bonus.

But the Heat’s surge is only partly the result of their own play, rather it is the C’s who really drove their own cart up the wall, especially in the 102-128 defeat in Game 3!

Where is Jayson Tatum in crunch time? The real leader of the Boston team has not yet hit a shot in the fourth quarter in the EC Finals series so far. Furthermore, he is the leader in these playoffs in both missed throws and turnovers.

The Celtics are just showing nerves right now. And that is exactly in the area where it matters most in basketball: trying to get the ball into the opponent’s basket.

Symptomatic is the realisation from Game 3 that Boston was down by 15 points at the break, although they had dominated the offensive rebounding duel up to that point with 10:0.

The lack of accuracy and the contagious insecurity, which became increasingly noticeable, proved to be fatal.

To make matters worse, Tatum was unable to compensate for this collective shortcoming as the team’s leading player in the decisive phase of the match.

While the Celtics have dominated the regular season, they are slumping at the worst possible time. Almost all of the Heat’s players, on the other hand, are showing the exact opposite trend.

In Game 3, Duncan Robinson became the Heat’s player with the most three-pointers in play-off history.

His five three-pointers at home against the Celtics on Monday brought his postseason tally in that category to 124, one more than NBA legend LeBron James, who totaled 123 during his time with MIA.

Even the sportsbooks have finally turned their backs on the Green and White in their Heat Celtics odds.

Because after the Bostonians were initially clearly favoured in three consecutive games, the situation on the betting markets on this Conference Finals series is now different for the first time.

Indeed, the handy Bwin app reveals that the MIA win odds have been lowered from an average of 2.48 in Game 3 to 1.77 for tonight.

On the other hand, the win rate for the utterly despondent C’s has slipped above 2.00 for the first time in this Series at almost all bookmakers.

Conclusion: The C’s are done! You can’t miss that many shots in the crucial phase of the game.

Yesterday’s defeat has broken their neck, as they have now also realised that no NBA team before them has ever been able to get out of this mess.

On top of that, Miami continues to be a real bank at home for any sports betting fan. Over the course of these play-offs, the Floridians have won every single one of their home games by at least four points.

My Heat Celtics tip is therefore quite clear: Win MIA.

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