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Basketball Tip & Prediction for Philadelphia 76ers – Milwaukee Bucks

There may only be three NBA games on Tuesday night, but one of them is an absolute treat between the defending champions and those who would like to be: the Philadelphia 76ers host the Milwaukee Bucks.

Many had already been looking forward to the duel between Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo in advance, but those who regularly read our NBA tips are clearly at an advantage, because there was a small programme change in this regard immediately before the start of the game!

The 76ers have actually had the best possible start to the new season, because with a record of (8:2) the franchise from Philadelphia is leading the Eastern Conference – which should come as no surprise, as they even finished first in the standings last year.

But after six wins in a row, yesterday’s loss to the Knicks already showed that the zenith might have been passed and that the Blue and Whites – like on a rollercoaster ride – are now threatened with a steep fall in the coming weeks.

For just as the Lakers’ success rises and falls with the participation of their centre LeBron James – Philadelphia is just as dependent on Joel Embiid, who as of yesterday became the fourth Sixers player to be out for at least ten days due to Corona protocol.

This means that the hoped-for showdown between Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo, which many NBA fans had been looking forward to, falls flat. This is also a stroke of luck for the Bucks, because it makes tomorrow’s task a lot easier!

Because the Sixers won 39 games with Embiid on the court last season with only 12 losses, but the record without the Cameroonian at the centre position reads frightening from a 76ers fan’s point of view: 10 wins with 11 losses.

Milwaukee also has to lament absences, as Khris Middleton will still not be able to assist the Green-Whites with his deep throws – so much about this duel is reminiscent of 24.04.2021.

For about seven months ago, both NBA teams already met in a comparable constellation: Middleton’s threes fell just as flat as Joel Embiid’s rebounds at the board for the 76ers – the result? A crushing 132-94 victory for the Bucks!

In fact, it wasn’t so much Antetokounmpo’s 24 points that helped Milwaukee demolish the Sixers that night, but rather Embiid’s numerous rebounds (14), which came about through the vacuum left by Embiid’s breakdown.

On Wednesday, too, Philadelphia – who will most likely fall back on Andre Drummond – will lack a suitable replacement to really stand up to the two-time MVP of the Bucks. The chances are good that he will once again be unstoppable.

The Sixers are weakened by the Corona virus not only at the five, but at several positions and will have to deal with a rebounding behemoth like Giannis Antetokounmpo, who secured an incredible 18 free balls yesterday against Washington.

True, the Green and Whites are not yet where they would like to be as a collective, as the currently weak team scores just can’t keep the fans happy!

But against the Sixers, it could be enough, as it was seven months ago, if they don’t continually stretch the mismatch at the centre position until it goes!

After it was determined that Joel Embiid would not be able to play against the Bucks, the odds for a 76ers win have skyrocketed to around 3.00.

Conclusion: Both teams are down, but the Sixers could have more serious consequences for their potential success. A game between the two rivals under similar conditions took place seven months ago.

Back then, the 76ers lost by 36 points because they were unable to compensate for Embiid’s absence. As a result, his real opponent that night, Giannis Antetokounmpo, enjoyed unrestricted air supremacy!

But the Cameroonian is more than just a strong centre for the home side: In games without Embiid, the Blue and Whites lost more games than they won last year – even though they ended up in first place in their conference.

With such numbers at hand and the last showdown in mind, my 76ers Bucks prediction leans towards a clear win for the defending champions, who are not yet at operating temperature.

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