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If you want to play slot machines, you choose one of the most favorable and risky casino games. Due to the large jackpots and the enormous game selection, slot machines are one of the most popular games of chance in the world. Here are the most important tips for the casino slots and also Jackpot De tricks that can maximize the profit in the best possible way and tested by us.

General tips for slot machines

1. Use Discount Cards

Most casinos offer discount cards for slot machine players. The programs are similar to those of the frequent flyer campaigns of many airlines. By playing, discount points can be collected, which can later be exchanged for meal vouchers, flights, more games, free dinners or the like. Especially in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, these cards are meant to reward slot players for their loyalty.

Because the house edge on slot machines is so high, you should always take advantage of the so-called “comp card”; because the casinos earn so much from these players that the loyalty points are especially high. Here it is then even more impossible to trick machines.

The bottom line is that you get paid for playing and not tricking casino machines. Probably, the amount of points does not compensate for the losses you forfeit. But you also benefit from the offers and promotions that the casinos offer you exclusively. In addition, the loyalty card can also be combined with other games – such as online blackjack or online roulette – so that you can profit not only at the slot.

2. Simple Games Have Better Payouts

You don’t necessarily need special knowledge to play and enjoy slot machines at online casinos. But you can develop a special eye for casino slots that are likely to have a better payout level – without having to trick machines. The easier the game is, the better the payout. This is because the fun factor is naturally much higher with the nicely decorated, detailed and well-designed games and attracts more people. In this respect, you trade your gaming fun for the (boring, but satisfying) profit. The decision is yours!

3. Understand The Principle Of Slot Machines

Many people assume that the reels stop randomly and therefore you can trick machines. However, this is not true: the machines are preset to probabilities. This means that the biggest wins are paid out very rarely, medium and small wins are more likely. At the first press of a button, what happens is already decided.

The blinking, the spinning, the waiting is just part of the show. In the end, it just means: every player has the same chances to win or lose at every casino slot machine.

But how good or bad these chances are, varies from slot machine to slot machine and is never transparent for the player. This means : also the so called “timing myth” is absolutely untrue. Just because a machine has lost many times doesn’t mean that the next try must bring a win. The slot machines do not keep a record of their payouts, which is why each round wins or loses with the same probability as before.

The slot machine is controlled by a random number generator. This fact is incredibly important if you want to be successful as a gambler, because the statement is crystal clear: there is no (legal) way to change anything about the outcome and trick slot machines.

The same goes for slot machine tricks Book of Ra or something like that, which claim to be able to manipulate slot machines – which is simply not possible. If you want to practice a bit first, we recommend our free slot machine Book of Dead.

4. Select Progressive And Megaways Slot Machines

The most popular variant to achieve a maximum profit is to choose the Progressive Jackpots. This means that the player sets the maximum bet every time. This jackpot DE trick is good if you can be self-disciplined and set a very specific limit that you will keep. When a win is paid out, you get the maximum jackpot. However, the risk of losing the maximum is also higher with this Jackpot DE trick. For a short trip to the slot machine, this strategy is worthwhile, because you put a few big bets instead of many small ones.

This tip has the big disadvantage that most machines with progressive slots generally have a lower probability to payout. The more people play, the higher the associated jackpots become – this can affect all progressive slots in the casino, but even all slots in an entire state or across an entire casino chain. That’s why casino slots are kept especially “tight”. This jackpot DE trick does not only refer to the maximum jackpots, but also to the smaller wins. So, overall, for Jackpot DE Trick, this means that you should focus on progressive games that offer a smaller jackpot.

5. The Higher The Nominal Value Of The Stake, The Better The Probability Of

This is why it is always more advisable to bet one coin per line on a 5 cent game, for example, than five coins on one line on a 1 cent game. In other words, you will have a better percentage payout the fewer lines are selected/played while betting more coins per line.

Similar to progressive jackpots – in Jackpot DE tricks – you do invest more in a 1 euro game than in a 10 cent game or than in a 1 cent game, but you also get back much more in percentage terms. But remember, online slot machines are not online Mau Mau – you have to risk something to win something!

6. Self-Discipline

When playing slot machines in casinos and slot machines in arcades, you should keep a cool, rational head – this also applies to any jackpot DE tricks. It is best to play very slowly and carefully to satisfy your thrill. However, you should leave the big expectations at home. The fun of playing lies in believing that you have more than just luck. This is perfectly fine, as long as you manage your finances properly.

In addition, you should also refrain from trusting tricks from unserious sites – when it comes to such as “tricking slot machines” or “slot machine tricks Book of Ra” or other specific slot machines. Such ones are mostly not feasible and do not help you in the slightest. Moreover, it is definitely much more productive to play less, but with staked, big bets that lead to maximum success. After that, it’s best to forget about the slot machines again and stroll joyfully home.

7. Accept Tips Where They Exist

In some games there is actually the possibility to test your own skill. One game, for example, is Top Dollar. In these games, help and some tips are often offered so that players can better understand what it is all about.

This advice should definitely be taken, so that in the end there is no disappointment and you are not left in the dark, but instead have more fun playing. And of course, always take tips from other fellow players, whether you get it at the online casino or anywhere else!

Believe us: every game is more fun when you play it with others.

8. Start At The End Of The Row

Earlier it was said that the slot machine at the end of the line in casinos are seen less, but are unusually noticeable when winning. Therefore, you should stick to them, as they pay out higher and more frequent winnings. Nowadays, however, this is no longer true – at least in most casinos!

Payouts are now completed with barcode tickets rather than coin flips. Thus, the obvious chance for a win dies. Moreover, slot machines nowadays are set up next to their peers and all offer the same chance of payout, so switching quickly for wins doesn’t change much.

9. Near Wins Are Possible Wins For you

When you’re strolling through the casino again and you’re on the lookout for a new slot, you’ll increasingly look for a starting position where only one symbol is away from a win. Such a search can also give you a short break, which you may really need. Moreover, searching for such a slot is also entertaining, as you can look at different slots. However, you should note to this that even almost winning does not guarantee winning soon! As is so often the case in casinos and online casinos, it is still chance.

Again, we’re referring to rather older slots here, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still work these days!

10. Do Not Fall For Secret Casino Tricks

There are self-proclaimed “experts” who want to sell you secret casino tricks and only want to make money with them. Among them are especially secret casino trick books that cost a lot of money but ultimately do not have the desired effect. You just spend all your money, which you would rather have invested well planned in slot machines, on a document that does not contain any “secret casino tricks”. Secret casino tricks are ultimately nothing more than expensively advertised casino tricks that you can even get for free and at no extra cost from us at Casinospielen.

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